Rosalyn who knows if this is the final

I apologize for the little break I took…I went out of town to a competition (Skills USA) with a student and my laptop was pretty freaking substandard when it came to silly things like logging in for more than 2 minutes.  On the plus side, I got some good exercise in walking the competition area (rumored to be larger than 16 football fields) and was able to see some amazing work from high school students in everything from masonry to welding sculpture to web design. I watched some kids making a plant to be used in a fully designed kitchen (that they also had to make)using Maya for a 3D animation contest…it was mesmerizing …and I am even more impressed with SL designers and the quality of their work ❤

[Entwined] Alice @ The Fantasy Collective till July 13th
[Fetch] Runway Hair Sticks @ Shiny Shabby till July 15th
[LJ] Throat of the Kingdom Necklace #04 – We Do Not Sow @ The Conquest till July 10th
Wimey: Rhoslyn Greyjoy Gown XS @ The Conquest
Miamai_GoT_HouseEmblem_Greyjoy @ The Conquest
Glam Affair – Eles Asia 06 B skin @ The Conquest
!bang – stand 504m pose @ The Conquest
LB_TheGoldenTree @ Shiny Shabby
White Widow Midnight in Paris Tattoo

Conquest event poster

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