You’ve probably noticed everybody skating around looking all 80’s and chit lately…that’s because Rewind opened last week and fed our innate need for roller derby attire.  The event set itself is a roller rink/ arcade straight out of time and a joy to wander through.  In fact…I liked the floor of the rink so much I literally laid down on it and took a picture…swear.  Yep, derendered everybody around me (and it was crowded) and fell down.  Peeps must have thought I was part of the show, sprawled out like an amateur on skates.  So what…it got the results I was looking for…and no one actually tripped over me or anything ❤


My bento head is the update Valerie bento head from Akeruka, complete with adorable animations.  I don’t have an applier on, this is the default makeup that comes with the head…loooove those freckles ❤

The equally adorable tatt is from White-Widow and can be found at On9 right now and the modified bob ‘do, Gin, is new at Exxess ❤

Stuff from Rewind includes the smexy …errrr…disco ball top ( boobie covers ?) from Storybook which I just fell in lust with.  I don’t even want to think about how much fun it would be to peel all those little mirror squares off at the end of an evening.  The choker and skirt are in a gacha from Vincue & Kibitz…pulled the rare skirt on the 3rd try…whooots!  The super cute skates (that come with the socks and stockings) and knee pads are Reign….no rare that time sadly…..but it’s all good cause I sooooo wanted those skates.  The sign, Fries Before Guys, is from peaches and could quite possibly be my new motto ❤

[Akeruka] Mesh Head Valerie Vers. 2.6 Bento w/ default makeup and animations – UPDATED!
White-Widow – FreeLove Henna Tattoo (300L) @ On9
eXxEsS : GIN A (Materials) – NEW!
Storybook – Flashy – Pretty Girl Pank (199L each color) @ Rewind
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Rollie+Tutu [Lara] RARE (76L per play) @ Rewind
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Rollie+Choker [Lara] gold / sand – Common @ Rewind
REIGN – Derby Skates, socks and stockings (plain) – Common (75L per play) @ Rewind
REIGN – Derby Kneepads – Common @ Rewind
.peaches. Retro Signs – Fries Before Guys (199L) @ Rewind


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