Every moment of this free wandering life is an enchantment – Alexandra David-Neel

Short and sweet as we’re on the road to Florida beaches for a loong weekend. (don’t worry, I’m not driving….and I did this early this morning and set it to publish at 11am-ish) ❤

*barberyumyum*S07ghost (mix) (hair-only)
ERSCH – Issa Crown @ Enchantment till March 2nd
VCO _ Fairy mesh Head _ [Pixie] _ 02 (older gacha)
COCO – MyDoll_Peach Body (199L)
COCO – Basic Underwear_for_MyDoll (group gift)
Clover – Flower nymph cover (pink) @ We Love Role-Play till Feb. 29th
LOVE – DRAGONFLY WINGS – GOLD @ Enchantment till March 2nd
LOVE – BUTTERFLY BLOSSOM MOONGATE @ Enchantment till March 2nd
LOVE – ELVEN GRASS – lights @ Enchantment till March 2nd
~ xantes ~ Old Magic Fountain w. Plants @ Enchantment till March 2nd
{anc} picnic / swallowtailed butterfly andalusite
Fashiowl – The Princess Bride Pose #8 @ Enchantment till March 2nd

Enchantment Presents - Princess Bride - Feb 8 to March 2nd

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