Storming the Gates of Fantasy Faire 2020


And just like that…. a year’s passed and you find yourself at the edge of the mist waiting for the gates to the Fairelands to open once again.  Anticipation has been building up and you dare anybody to try and get ahead of you as you wait for the first sign of light coming from the other side…ready to pounce through and be immersed in magic and all things sparkly (the life of a pirate cat is sketchy, somewhat smelly and not without unmagic-like hairballs).  You’re on edge, high on catnip and you will not hesitate to turn that pixie into kindling sticks.  Things are tense in these last few hours! ❤

Noon SLT peeps…keep yer cool…back away from the cat ❤

Grey’s Mind Maze – Dream Gates – FF special, glass, 14 LI on Heliodor for Fantasy Faire 2020
JPK – Cat avatar (pirate) RARE gacha
Aisha – Wood Pixie avatar
Del May – Seek pose (cat)
Del May – got it covered (wood pixie)


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