How’s you’re “ewwwwie” factor?  Mine went through the roof when I looked in Zibska’s Greetje box and wondered what an “Overloard” was…so I popped it on….squinted…and went…..ewwwwwwwwwww.  Love at first sight…yessiree.  I didn’t want to wear clothing with the buggies (literally) and well…I had a fabulous reason to be nekid anyway (like I need a… Read More Madeline


One more day till the Secret Affair opens!  Whooots!  More fabulous stuff to share for your window shopping pleasure 🙂  Remember the Satan crow from the last post?  Here’s the holy crow…isn’t he cute! Again, the only item in the picture not from The Secret Affair is the new Posy hair from Truth…still rockin’ it…still… Read More Corina


I told ya I was trouble…….ya know…I’m no good  “Amy Winehouse“ My friend Brie (chronic shopaholic) passed me a duplicate Medusa “hair” by May’s Soul this morning and my mind instantly went to wicked women and the men they lure in (typical thought actually).  I had been mulling over ideas for the Hair Fair contest…the… Read More Medusa