the steamfae

the steamfae

Amazing…but there is a huge countdown going on right now for so many events opening tomorrow…I don’t know where to start.

The Secret Affair will open to a crowd of eager shoppers….my Nevermore hair is going to be a popular item :).   A Clockwork Spiral is also opening and is raising money for the National Kidney Foundation.  The theme is dark and steamy…hence the steampunk wings that we all have on :).  The Seelie Court also reopens with the Shining Ones in the spotlight…so all things elven and light sidhe….which is where the elven ears from Southpaw will be available.  I tried to put the ears on Annabelle and Cait also so we couple be triplets…but their own ears kept getting in the way….so the will have to make do with their awesome wings ❤  All tomorrow at noon SLT…get your shopping hat on and get ready.  Stay tuned, I’ll put the LM’s on for all 3 in the morning 🙂

fae ears

.Atomic. Nevermore hair @ The Secret Affair
*Atomic Faery* Steamfae Wings – Kaliedescope @ A Clockwork Spiral
<SP> Puck Ears @ The Seelie Court
*COCO*_Doll, female
Annabelle the mousie and Cait the kittie from Manticore

Del May Pit Stop pose

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