You said you booked a cruise for vacation!!

Ya know what I like about the weekends?  Other than the obvious of course.  What I like about SL on the weekends that is.  I like going to the sales….I love Fifty Linden Fridays and The Neighborhood especially.  I can always count on Darth checking both out before me and telling me what I can’t live without…and he’s usually right.  You see the coolest stuff at his house and when you ask him where he got it the answer is usually one of those 2 events or the Arcade (which is opening in a couple of days….whooot!).  I’m usually tempted to cheat and look on Seraphim to see pics of what’s being offered that weekend, but honestly, I really like hopping to the stores and discovering….it’s like digging for the prize at the bottom of the box of cereal (may be dating myself here, do they still do that?) and wondering if you’ll want it…or need it…or just can’t live without it.


This weekends Neighborhood is almost upon us and Sari-Sari made this awesome raft!  It has a tent with a blanket inside and  the pillows have 2 single poses each for f and m, and a couple pose. The pillow near the edge of the raft has 3 poses each for f and m.  The chest with the coffee pot and cups come with it too.  Super cute, and the poses are spot on!  I figured I’d take it out for a spin with the zombies, they need a vacation from their vacation, if ya know what I mean.  Neither look happy though, so I guess its not the Love Boat (still dating myself?).

The girls look happier don’t they?  Probably because body parts aren’t rotting and falling off…that’d make anyone grumpy.  Could be these fabulous flip flops from Fabuleux are helping the mood….I tell ya, shoes twice in a week….people are going to start talking about me.  They come in 9 summer colors and fit perfect on Slink flat feet (I wouldn’t wear them if they didn’t, I’m a Slink girl all the way), and who doesn’t love flip flops!? 

Sari-Sari – The Raft – The Neighborhood this weekend!

Zombie Roxi?
Maitreya Siobhan hair w/hat
Murdock Fever wrap – FGC – just a few more days….runnnnnnnnn!
Both Zombies are on HopScotch poses from a set called “The sea is calling”

Roxi and Pancake (yes, thats her name, sheesh)
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Elsa hair
:Fabuleux::: – Summer Flip Flops in Coral
Munereia– Relajarse outfit
May’s Soul – moon necklace and bracelets in gold
Roxi’s pose: OEM #025
Pancake’s pose is exclusively made for the raft and is also spot on!
Pancake’s blue mesh Tirn hair is from [TC]


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