Flockin’ clocks

So here we are, the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is done for this round and the Arcade is open (good luck getting in just yet).  I swear, I am not a crazy gacha nut, I do not drop a fortune to get one particular thing…..but I tell you, every now and again I want one particular thing…and I’m sooo tempted.  I blame Rhenu.  Way back at the beginning of the FGC she was wearing this awesome choker….with a clock on it…very steampunk cool.  I had to have it (and she wasn’t willing to share).  It was the ultra -rare from Kei-Spot’s Time Flies gacha at FGC.  I went, I spent…and spent…to my limit (ie…till I was broke).  Got both of the rares and a plethora (whoot….big word of the day!) of commons. I love them all, I really do…..in fact, they fly in the sky on my beach…but dayam…I so want that choker.  I told Jareth and Darth that I would try on the last day to see if luck (and fate) was with me, and if it wasn’t, then I was making my own damn choker with one of the commons and goin’ around SL like Flavor Flav’s white sista (Flavor of Love…or just google him). The clocks don’t resize, so I have no choice!


So here I am, the day after, sporting the gangsta look with my bad ass clock necklace…a flock of clocks behind me.  Clockin’ gangsta style…that’s me.

Kei’s Time Flies Clock- the 2 rares and a flock of commons 🙂
Betta Recognize #6 pose by NanTra

Taken on my beach under the watchful eye of Charlie (the camera hogging octopus) come by anytime 🙂

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