Let it Go

Soooo…who doesn’t get the Elsa reference?  If not, you’re the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen Frozen.  I’m a Disneyphile (that means I love Disney you perverted dirty minded peeps!) so any opportunity that I get to immerse myself in all thing Princess…I’m there.  Elsa may be one of my favorites now….and not just cause she wears without a doubt the hottest hoochie mama dress ever.  Really…..ever.  Poor Walt must be rolling in his grave.  Google it.  Anyway…the Fit for a Princess event is going strong, lots of great girly chit.  Favorite for today?  This Modern Princess pearl necklace and bracelet from Frogstar.  Its a gacha, so there’s 7 different colors to try for. I’m wearing the original rares, but I gotta tell ya, the pink is to die for!  If Elsa was going to wear pearls, these are what she’d wear!


And who doesn’t loooove Olaf??!!  He cracks me up!  It didn’t take much convincing to get Darth into my homemade Olaf suit…I’m just grateful he didn’t sing the Summer song the entire time I was shooting.  Anybody ever go listen to Harry Frychester inworld?  Same kind of singing style…I’m going to ask him if he will learn Summer and sing it…..hell…he sings the Spiderman song, so why not 🙂

Frogstar – Modern Princess Pearls #1 Original Necklace RARE
Frogstar – Modern Princess Pearls #2 Original Bracelet RARE
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Elsa
:SS: Queen Elsa’s Ice Dress
Elsa’s pose by Elephante Poses “Hope” #5 (in store)

Olaf is wearing…well…buttons and a carrot
Olaf’s pose by [KoKoLoReS] Bubble Talk – WTF 1 with the WTF bubble 🙂

for your listening pleasure:

Summer by Olaf

Let it Go

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