The Journey Begins

It’s here again…that time of the year when the hordes start amassing around Casablanca Bay for a chance at a coveted rare from a favorite creator.  That’s right…The Arcade is open for business.  While I don’t go insane for gacha’s, I do love the thrill of a bargain, which is usually what I get cause I’m not all about getting a special color or whatever the rare may be.  Case in point, I didn’t care what storybook creature  I got from Alchemy…I just wanted them cause they were cute…and I got 3…all different commons…and love them all (holy crap when you wear them they squiggle around in your arms!!).  I also took a chance on the Truth hair (even though I only wear blondes or colors)  and bam!! got the colors…whoot…what a deal!! 


Luck was on my side when my first pull at the {anc} machine got me the rare wagon…happens to be one of the few rares I really wanted…and I loooove anything from {anc}…so double whoot.

Not to be outdone, I’ve been saying it was the last days for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival…turns out they’re extending it…and inviting designers to bring back older gacha offerings from previous FGC’s to make things interesting.  Had to go…had to play Kei-Spots machine cause I wanted a flying barrel from the last round…cause they’re just cool!  Apparently owlkins can’t fly, so he’s hanging on to that barrel for dear life 🙂

Kustom9 has a new round out this month with great designers, many of whom were responsible for me parting with lindens…and making me happy in the process.  My favorite purchase?  This banana yellow jumper from Zenith…so damn cute and perfect with the rain boots from the Arcade!

Also on the June calendar is the new Fit for a Princess round, with the theme being “a modern princess”.  Elephante Poses came up with 6 super cute poses for any super cute princess ( and I am sooo a princess) 🙂

More good stuffs from the Arcade and such tomorrow….and there may be ice cream involved!  *does the happy dance*

{anc} EDEN. wagon / old RARE – The Arcade
[Alchemy] Story Book fennec , mossyback and owlkin- The Arcade
ASO! Rain Boots (dot yellow) – The Arcade
Truth hair Sakura [colors/blue bears] – The Arcade
7 – Keep of the lawn sign –  The Arcade                                                                                                                                                           =Zenith=Rompers with Belt (Banana)  – Kustom9
Primus Wagasa Umbrella 3.55 [apex] (konsho) current FGC
Kei’s Flying Machine (blue barrel) Past FGC
Elephante Poses– Once upon a dream #6 – Fit for a Princess

Taken on my flooded beach in Rideau…come by…hang….chat…stare at my chit….watch nekid guys fall from the sky (seriously, I’m on the Mainland and there’s a Bi orgy club on a platform 500m up next door….its raining men! 



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