Chaos, panic and disorder

My job here is done. 

So the other day…and before coffee mind you…I log in and find many little pigs running around on my beach.  Many.  Little.  Pigs.  And an IM from Darth saying he was running.  Bastid.  Then he does a picture at his sim, blogs it, and says I leave my cutesy shit laying around.  This from the guy who humped my ice dreams gazebo, took the picture and posted it on Flick’r!  AND put a link to my beach with it!!  You just wouldn’t believe how many peeps were dropping by in the next couple of days!  A girl can only take so much (not really, but I was looking for a reason to use this cute pose).  I blame Darth for the idea anyway.  He mentioned that the chairs from 8f8’s Ice Dreams  gacha machine at the Arcade were few and far in between…peeps were going crazy looking for them and it’d be funny if he piled a bunch up for a picture.  Sooooo,  early this morning I snuck over to his sim, plopped more chairs down, invited the moopiggies over for a party and let it rip. Man, moopiggies are party animals! 🙂


He was asking for it anyway. 🙂

My awesome dress is from HeLa and comes with the color coordinated umbrella!  The cool crown is from HeLa too, I popped over to her mainstore this morning to see what was new and well….a girl can’t have too many crowns.  She has a snake crown coming out soon and I want it muchly!

The pose, and I love look-back poses, is new from Infiniti and will be available this weekend for the Dreaming Tree Event.  This is the #3 pose, part of a 5 pose set called Atomic Age and is only 50L.  The Dreaming Tree is a discounted event, so all creations must be discounted between 25% – 50%.  Creators include Wimey!, Keystone, [FETCH], Bliensen & MaiTai, Lame, Exposeur, Infiniti Poses, {Nantra} Poses, Miseria, LivGlam, +Spellbound+, Hopscotch, tarte. and Bokeh.  The sales are store based…so get on over to all these places and scoop up some deals!

#He La# Light touch dress Yellow
#He La# Umbrella Yellow
#He La# Dark Paradise Crown BLACK / SHINE
Magika Hair,  Wait
:Moon amore: Hand tattoo, Medhii

Tales of Fantasy:
May’s Soul – faun ears and horns, white (flowers)

8f8 Ice Dreams set
Schadenfreude Bessy Moopig Piggie Wiggie
Schadenfreude Bossy Moopig Piggie Wiggie

Taken at the beach on Darth’s sim, Lennon Park on the Rock, where he will keep the theme going throughout the summer 🙂




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