Lunching with the Ladies


Sometimes an opportunity to get an interesting picture just presents itself and you can’t pass it up.  Alles was kind enough to scatter her fabulous new Boudoir chairs on my beach while opening them.  As we ooooo’d and ahhhh’d  at each she may have mentioned keeping the kitty chair away from Charlie.  Oops  (in my defense, he has very long tentacles)

Boudoir – Victorian Marilyn, Mona Lisa and White Cat Chair
Boudoir – Armor panties (from the Head Hunter outfit)
Frogstar – Isidoros Crepidoma from Totally Top Shelf
Shi – Blown hair
HeLa – Snake crown
Luas ZYRA outfit, black from Totally Top Shelf
Clemmm – oil drippings collar
Moon amore – hand tattoo, medhii
8f8 – Strawberry ice cream cone from the Arcade
Glam Affair – Livy 11 skin (India) from the Arcade (RARE)
Kosh – wet lips, blood

On the Floor Pose by Infiniti

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