Plastic Diamonds


Boudoir is hopping on the gacha train this week with the opening of OMGacha on Tuesday.  Plastic Diamonds are their entry, a fabulous necklace that begs for attention.  Its dramatic and sexy and pairs up perfectly with Boudoir’s Madam Pompadour hair…wild and elegant at the same time.

Rhapsody opened yesterday and is going strong.  I had to try quite a few times before gaining entrance, but it was sooo worth it.  I dropped a few *cough*cough* Lindens and made some designers verrry happy no doubt.  I’m a pose whore, so I automatically gravitate to those displays and happily hop on the stand and demo away.  Over and over and over.  You’ve probably seen me at events…I’m the goof going through the pose cycle…hell, I don’t get off till I notice people are staring at me.  Perhaps they think I’m a pose model or something (probably the something one).  Infiniti has 3 pose sets out at Rhapsody, one more fun than the other.  They’re all prop sets and come with both rez and wear options.  The one I’m using is Dust in the Wind # 10 ….love the music sheets flying around!  There are extra props included, so the options are endless for the perfect pic 🙂

Boudoir Plastic Diamonds Black RARE @ OMGacha starting July 1st (I’ll put a landmark on the 1st)
Boudoir Madam Pompadour Hair, Powder
~ghee~ snow poppy dress – soooo freaking cute!!!
. Infiniti .  Pose – Dust in the Wind – 10 @ Rhapsody till July 12th
Yasum Piano (from their Christmas Advent Calendar)





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