Rock On!



When I saw these posters from Frogstar @ Rhapsody I was transported back in time to when I was what……..a toddler? *cough*cough* Music was MUSIC then….they don’t make ’em like that nowadays.  My mom and dad used to say that when they were listening to Andy Williams or Rosemary Clooney (Google if you have no clue….we didn’t have Google back then either, if we wanted to know what something was or who somebody was…we had to ask a human or look it up in a….wait for it…..BOOK).  Anyways, if you don’t get the names of the bands on the posters…you’re either before that time (and if you are, you don’t need to Google Andy Williams or Rosemary Clooney) or after that time…damn shame.  Same goes for the “Put your records on” poses from Infiniti, also at Rhapsody. You either know what a record is…or perhaps you’ve seen them in ancient history museums.  In either case, Brandi Monroe of Infiniti was spot on with these…clever names on the album covers and on the records themselves….and all 10 poses come with props and extra accessories……one’s cuter than the next!  Rhapsody is open till July 12th….don’t wait till the last minute…something will happen and you’ll miss it and then …well…then you miss it 😦

SummerFest’ 14 is still going strong…a true testament to the fabulous finds you can pick up.  I’m still rockin’ the Driftwood set from 8f8…cause ya just can’t not rock it.  You know if ibi makes it…its gonna be excellent (I have the Ice Dreams set from the Arcade, the Bali Resort from TLC, the young Sakura trees from wayyy back….and well…the list goes on….and all gracing my beach in Rideau :))  The lifeguard sign from second spaces and the crab sign from Seven Emporium are also favorite finds from the Fest. 🙂

Not to be forgotten, I’m also still rockin’ the awesome tricorn pirate hat that Jordy gave me…cause pirates just rock :), not to mention it fits perfect over my bobbed hair from dirty.little.secrets (I sooo love saying that, and its still available at the Pre-Release Gacha Garden till until July 3rd!)  🙂

Rhapsody -> till July 12th
.Infiniti. – Put your records on pose prop # 9
Frogstar – Band Posters

SummerFest’ 14 -> till July 13th
8f8 – Driftwood set, including hammock, lights, fence and grasses shown in my pic
7 – Steamed Crabs Sign
Second Spaces – lifeguard sign

Just Cause -> all the damn time
[Deadwool] Tricorn (+ pins) – red
[d.l.s.] Bobbed hair in dove available at the Pre-Release Gacha Garden till July 3rd….hurrrrry!
*COCO* Doll avie

Taken on my flooded and messy beach in Rideau 🙂  come by anytime


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