A pirates life


Arrggg matey!  (did I say that right Jordy?)  Pirate vocabulary at the ready, intimidating pirate hat on heads, the two adventurers brave the vast untamed ocean for a life of plunder and skullduggery….or until it gets dark out…oceans are scary in the dark.

Lucky for us we have tamed the moon and made it a sturdy fort!  Our pirate ship of choice is the fearsome cotton candy surfboard.  We have the enemy right where we want them….unconcerned and overconfident.  Booyah!

On a side note, yeah, Darth’s in a onesie…a FateWear onesie.  He got word this morning that they had accepted his application to blog for them and he went ballistic…still hasn’t shut up about it.  He’s been in those jammies all damn day, took a pic outside of the store and all….sometimes I wonder about his masculinity.  On the plus side, he was more than willing to play pirate with me!  Keep an eye on his blog (It’s a man’s world) for the post, cause he sure is gonna post it on his blog and his Flick’r either tonight or in the morning 🙂

Also, interestingly enough, Charlie the octopus is waving around a canvas print that claims she’s “an ocean kind of girl”…..who the hell knew Charlie was a girl??  I’m certainly not going out there and turning her over to check the privates.

And yep…still wearing the pirate hat that Jordy sent me…I be a bad ass pirate…in a tutu and swimmies no less 🙂

Frogstar – The Moon Fort (Butter) @ The Theme Park (1 more week)
The Cotton Candy Surfboard w/ poses – Dyer Maker , in-store gacha (50L per play)
[ free bird ] Pink Flowers Swimmies @ [free bird] 
[ free bird ] Ocean Kind Of Girl Canvas RARE @ OMGacha (beginning June 1st)
8f8 – Driftwood fence, grass and lights @ SummerFest’ 14
!Ohmai: Flamingo @ SummerFest’ 14
second spaces lifeguard sign @ SummerFest’ 14

Roxi Dolly:
*ARGRACE* HIKARI – Platinum – NEW!
[Deadwool] Tricorn (+ pins) – red
*TSM* Fae Frostdust Tutu – Sunrise (from a previous FGC)
*COCO* Doll, Female

Darth Dolly:
FATEwear – Warner onesie – Nightowl
[Deadwool] Tricorn (+ pins) – red
(fd) BB Doll – Bandaid Wink
*COCO* Doll, Male

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