As we get closer to the opening of the FGC  (5 hours away) more and more designers are revealing their creative collections that will be offered in the now famous gacha machines.  Empress is the creation of Tia Biscuit…the owner/designer of [Tia].  Well know in the fantasy/gor/role-play community for her amazing furniture and accessories, Tia steps out with an amazing collection of Asian jewelry and bodywear that’s…well…..fit for an Empress (couldn’t resist).

Empress close up

If I was an Empress, I promise you…this is what I’d be doing….laying around in allll my finery…waving my staff around and looking for the hot guy that went to get me more chocolate dipped strawberries.  That’s what I’m talking about.

[Tia] Empress Headdress, staff, necklace, hairpins, arm and leg jewels @ FGC
Kalopsia – Hanging Tree
Argrace Akane hair, baby blonde – comes with poses!
*COCO* doll, female
*COCO* head Kyoko (free w/group)

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