Somewhere out there
Beneath the pale moonlight
Someone’s thinking of me
And loving me tonight

Somewhere out there” 

Mmhmm, if you know the song, you know it comes from a Disney movie…..try listening to it and not getting choked up.

Given the choice…I would always choose to be moonchild as opposed to a sunchild.  The moon is mystical…magical…revered in mythology and folklore.  Fairies dance in the moonlight…werewolves howl at it…hamsters spin on their wheels faster during a full moon (true…look it up).  What’s not to love.

As enamored as I am with the moon, I instantly fell in lust with the Moonchild collection from Enfant Terrible…their offering to the FGC.  I asked a friend (one lucky enough to be a blogger for the FGC) to rezz the staff on my beach and let me take a picture.  A simple picture.  With a piece as spectacular as this staff…..really…nothing else is needed.

.Enfant Terrible. Moonchild staff black ULTRA RARE @ FGC (opening at midnight tonight)

. Infiniti . – Paper Birds – 8 @ FGC (opening at midnight tonight)

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