Gacha – the new crack

Gacha - the new crack

Mmmhmmm…you know….been there done that.  The Pre-Release Gacha Garden is hosting a new round this month with some fun goodies and guess what one of them is?!   Go ahead…guess.  You’ll never guess…so I’ll just tell you.  A gacha machine.  MMhmm, a gacha machine.  There is a gacha for a gacha machine.  Gacha machines inside a gacha machine.  I know, anyway you say it it sounds funny.  Ohhh but wait…they’re COW gacha machines!  Even funnier!  You know you want you’re very own gacha machine!!  I had to pull the pink one…cause well..ya know…a pink cow gacha machine….it doesn’t get any more surreal than that 🙂  Not to mention it matches the pink sundress from dirty little secrets (she abbreviates it to d.l.s., but I reeeealy like saying dirty little secrets).  The pile of commons is from a Nantra pose called (appropriately) “Gimme my f*#@*ing RARE!”

Gacha - the new crack, close up

The headband from Baubles, as well as the ring from Pomposity and the necklace from EdenMoon are all from the Gacha Garden and waiting to be scooped up.  The hair in this closeup is the newest hair from Argrace, Konomi…more to come on that cause it’s soooo cute!  (that cow’s leering at me isn’t she?)

Pre-Release Gacha Garden – now till Sept. 3rd

MOoH! Cow gacha machine, pink

[d.l.s.] pink swingy sundress
*Baubles! hairband, gold & teal
EdenMoon Eve neclace, diamond/rose RARE
Pomposity – dual monster cross ring, multicolor

Analog Dog – 42 hair (standing pic)
{.:Exposeur:.} Merrick pose

*Argrace* Konomi hair – NEW (close up pic)
 Le Poppycock – Spoonful of Diamonds pose

*COCO* doll, female
 Nantra “Common pile” from the Gimme my RARE poses

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