The Girls of Summer

The Girls of Summer

Bondi Beach is open with all your last minute beach summer needs…more ‘kini’s than you can shake a stick at…and all cute.  I challenged myself to get as much in one picture as possible without looking cramped…and wound up not only getting 11 of the designers from Bondi Beach in, but a few others as well.  Go me!  The brunette wearing the yellow polka dot bikini is sporting the free group gift from Aphorism…I figured if I was gonna do a ‘kini shot…might as well include it…and I said free right?  The lounger, chair and surfboard all have built in poses….and I’m using a pose from each of them 🙂

The Girls of Summer close up

I used the Hikari hair from Argrace for all the girls (they’re all me…but you figured that…right?), just different colors.  You can’t beat the wet look…honestly….check out the little droplets of water on the hair!  The close up also gives you a good view of the ginchi rings, the shades from Foresight and one of the crowns from Le Poppycock…look at the little crab holding the pearl….the detail is amazing 🙂

Taxi to Bondi Beach:

Frogstar – Seaside Lounger (Cherry Stripe) w/poses
.mien. {beach day} pink RARE! w/poses
*~*HopScotch*~* The perfect wave – surfboards w/poses
Spyralle Kiama Bikini and sarong, green
Moon Amore Summerkini Sirenas edition
Bubblefish yellow and splash bikini
~Chimeric Fashions~ Parrot (Green & Yellow)
Luminary Floppy hat, cream and purple
.ginchi. Kiss the Rings – Style 2 & 3 (gold)
Le Poppycock *Sea-Maid’s Crown* Coastal Sunset II
Le Poppycock *Sea-Maid’s Crown* Coral Reef II
Foresight – Summer Shades – Rainbow RARE

!APHORISM! ‘Brazilian’ Yellow Polka dot Bikini

*ARGRACE* HIKARI – different colors

!Ohmai: Flamingo
8f8 -Inside the Story – Boat – at the Wild Things event till Aug. 10th (tomorrow night!!!)
Kalopsia – seashells

!bang – rescued right back (couples pose, used the girl pose :)) used for the girl falling off the board.

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