Devious Mind

Devious Mind

I’m never disappointed when I see a creation by Chandra Meehan of !Devious Mind.  Her creativity only seems to be limited by her imagination….which honestly…. seems unlimited.  Her newest collection currently at the FGC is no exception….gorgeous…sexy…daring.  The Shibari dress is a barely there beautifully textured wisp of silk held together by rope.  The details are amazing…golden embroidery, draped ropes held on by Chinese frog closures…perfectly sensual.  Aside from the dress itself, one of the best things about it is that each pull at the gacha machine gets you the dress…..the entire dress….the gamble is in which color you get…and really…that’s not a problem as all the colors are beautiful.  Capping off the shoulders are the pads from Una’s collection, also at the FGC….they go perfect with the dress, don’t they!? 

To top the look off, the striking new Yui hair from Argrace…a classic updo with two bands at the top and a ring of curls in the modified bun….so elegant…sooo asking to be messed up.  The jeweled tika bindi is from Folly, a new addition to the Nouveau collection, and is available right now at WeLoveRP.  The Nouveau headband is still one of my favorite pieces, and I can’t wait to wear it with the tiara and necklace, also new.  While wandering through We<3RP the other day I also picked up these amber earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai.  They go so well with the dress, you can see them so well with the updo and I love amber…win win win!

Lastly, since I was being all dramatic…I put on this great eyeliner from Zibska…it truly makes the whole look!

!dM Sakura – ShibariDress **SILVER DRAGON** @ the FGC
Una.PadsChina Beige @ the FGC
Folly – Nouveau Tika (Texture Change) @ WE<3RP
Bliensen + MaiTai – Fenrir – Gold @ WE<3RP
*ARGRACE* YUI – Platinum NEW
Belleza– Rose skin
Kosh Wet Lips – Blood
Zibska ~ Tali Liners

Del May Mhmm pose

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