Fly with me

Fly with me

There’s a new event in town folks…one near and dear to my heart.  I’m Irish and Scottish and grew up on tales of the Sidhe and the drama of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.  My mom blamed every misplaced item in the house on Brownies (not the kind you eat, google em) … my dad would just roll his eyes and take another sip of his Guinness.  We were the only family in the neighborhood that had an old fridge out in the garage with a keg and tap inside…full of Guinness (my dad had lots of friends in the bar business).  I was easily 18 before I realized that boys were not dating me cause I was cute, but to hang out with my dad. Anyway… the Isle of Myrth will be hosting the Seelie Court….a mystical and magical event with wondrous creators and a fantastical setting.  The sim has been open for the last couple of weeks for exploration and photo opportunities….sooo many photo opportunities.  The Seelie Court opens tomorrow at noon and will last for 3 weeks.  The line up of creators is a dream, 2 of which I’m showcasing here.  The whimsical pose is by Rook…I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. The dresses are from Poet’s Heart.  Tinka comes in 5 colors and each outfit has a HUD to change the accessory textures.  I looove the bee’s by the flowers!

I’m still rocking Analog Dog’s 42 hair from the hair fair…its wild and sexy and I keep going back to it.  I’m also still lovin’ Argrace’s new hair, Konomi…perfect…just perfect.

Seelie Court Event

{Rook} Fly with me pose

Doll 1
Poet’s Heart – Tinka Dress, dawn
PH – Tinka Belt w/ Bees
PH – Tinka – Flutter Skirt
PH – Tinka Armband
PH – Tinka Hat w/ Bee
AD – 42 hair- splash
COCO doll, female

Doll 2
Poet’s Heart – Tinka Dress, Dusk
*Argrace* Konomi hair NEW
COCO doll, female

HPMD* bubble chair

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