Let’s play the “how old are you in SL” game.  I’ll be 6 next month…a long time by many standards…I’m in awe of 10 yr. olds.  Wayyy back in the day when there was no way I was spending much money in a game, I bought one hair.  One.  And if you can go that far back, you remember what the free hair looked like.  It took me a good 4 months to break down and spend money on hair…but I loved it and told everybody I was going to wear it forever in my SL life.   Pfft.  I did actually wear it for about 6 months…then I discovered Truth. I thought my one hair was soooo fabulous, but really…I had nothing to compare it to…nothing of quality anyway.  Then I saw someone wearing the most fabulous hair and had to have it.  The texture was amazing and it suddenly made my hair look like a bad freebie.  I got up the nerve to ask her where she got it (there was no inspecting back then) and couldn’t pull out my credit card and get to Truth fast enough.  I’ve been a hair ho ever since.  It I had to pick one thing that would break me if they took it away in SL…it would be hair.  I still have my old favorites…and still wear them (they just give me a warm fuzzy feeling) but I looooove getting new hair and playing with colors.  Truth has 2 fabulous new hairs out, Nissa and Lilith, respectively if your looking at the picture, and both are fabulous.  I’m also a fan of pastels….and to think for 3 or 4 years all I ever wore were blondes…and very particular blondes too.  For Truth hair…it was beach.  Now I always want to see how the pink or the blue look….and I found that I really liked this shade of green on the Nissa hair.  Not too shocking….not too washed out…not too…well   green (in a bad way green that is).  Lilith comes with the cute headband…and theres a color change hud for the roses.  Cute with and cute without!  I love the direction that hair has been taking lately too.  I love the roots, I love the fades and I love the ombre’s that are so prevalent in good hair nowadays.  It’s the little things that make me so happy 🙂

The Isle of Myrth has opened it’s sim to a new shopping event, The Seelie Court, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  When you combine great designers with eclectic backgrounds and a beautiful fantasy sim to wander while shopping….you really can’t go wrong.  This pose is another from Rook and comes with the jar of butterflies.  The necklace is from Keystone and is just beautiful, but then, everything from Keystone is.  The dresses are from Poet’s heart, 2 more colors from the Tinka collection.  I moved the hibiscus around on the waist to showcase the bee….how freaking cute is that!!?  Of course…if you’re anti bee….there is the option to wear all the flowers without a bee 🙂  Head on over to the Seelie Court….shop….wander…take pictures…people watch….you won’t regret it!

Poet’s Heart Sky and Meadow dresses, armbands, belts w/bees @ the Seelie Court
[Keystone] Charmed necklace @ the Seelie Court
{Rook} poses w/ butterfly jar prop @ the Seelie Court

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