Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home 2

The Fantasy Collective goes swampy this round…something that makes me sooo happy since I happen to be from the swamp.  Well, close to the swamps…I don’t live anywhere near the guys that go after gators (crackheads), but I do know my swamps, bayou’s, Cajun music and voodoo lore.  Swamps and bayou’s are truly beautiful places with the most amazing concoction of flora and fauna that coexist…and that’s including those of the human variety.  And then there’s the food…ohhhhh gahhhhh…the food is nearly the best part.  If the food is the best part, then the heat is the worst.  Southern Louisiana is pretty hot this time of year…it’s been averaging a mere 95 degrees lately (that’s 35 Celsius to everybody outside the US) but when you throw in the 90% humidity….that calculates to suffocating.  There’s more wet in the air than actual breathable air.  So it’s not inconceivable that I’d be walking around in a sweltering swamp in skimpy shorts….which means Haste was on target with their Facilier Possession shorts (oh yeah, and they’re f*cking sexy).  The staff from :(SH): isn’t just for keeping me steady.  Not only does it help me look bad ass…but it can also be used as a lethal weapon….those mosquito’s can be pretty aggressive out here.  My other bad ass accessory is my hair from Tableau Vivant.  It comes with the cool Maman Brigitte voodoo hat, but can be worn separately….not that I want to…I looove the hat.

The swamp shanty is from Frogstar and fits perfectly in my swamp that I have in the back of my region. Its old and derelict and slightly scary…as it should be.  Mama’s Rocking Chair from [Fetch] sits on the porch just waiting for an ass to plop down in it.  I realllly wanted those giant antlers from ATTIC…but its a gacha…which means I have a couple necklaces and a lantern….then I ran out of lindens…..but that’s cool, cause as it turns out, I really like the lantern.  And anyway…tomorrow is another day…I may get those antlers yet.

I took this picture in my swamp…it’s small but nice if you’d like to come see, hang or take a picture.  Rez friendly as long as you pick your chit up…unless its really nice chit…then thanks 🙂

[Haste] Facilier Possession Shorts Nude @ TFC
~Tableau Vivant~ Barony Hair – Monsoon @ TFC
~Tableau Vivant~ Maman Brigitte Hat @ TFC

Frogstar – Swampland Shanty @ TFC
[Fetch] Mama’s Rocking Chair @ TFC
:(SH): Roots of the Bayou – Staff  @ TFC
-ATTIC- Caged Butterfly Lantern Red Yellow @ TFC

Dread Pyrates THE PIROGUE v.3
Splash Aquatics Alligator
Manticore Crow (store is closed)
3D TREES swamp cypress – mature M/T (colored)
3D TREES swamp cypress roots M/T 3 prims

F*cking Ninjas Wanderer pose

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