Voodoo Queen of New Orleans


I highly doubt that Marie Laveau would be insulted by being depicted as a doll…especially a cute one.  Marie was an astute businesswoman and would see the doll as a great marketing ploy.  Yeaaahhhh…lets make little dolls that look like people and sell them to their loved ones…or not so loved ones…ooooo and pins…lets sell pins with the dolls and put a spell on them.  Good way to work out aggressions. 

I absolutely love the voodoo outfit from PFC…wood, animal hide and feathers….everything from nature.  The creators outdid themselves with the voodoo/swamp/New Orleans theme for The Fantasy Collective and PFC leads the pack.  Other great finds at TFC include the awesome spell book from May’s Soul (May’s Soul is always a good bet), the rocking chair set from [Fetch] and the swamp shanty from Frogstar.  One of my favorite treasures is *PM*’s Erzulie Freda Veve.  My girl Sohma of *PM* has done her homework on all things voodoo and is spot on with this ritual set up.  Erzulie Freda is the Haitian African spirit of love, beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxury, and flowers.  A Veve is a Haitian religious symbol and all the spirits have specific ones.  The Veve acts as a “beacon” for the Loa, or spirit (in this case Erzulie Freda) and will serve as her representation during rituals. (Google people).

Voodoo close left

I thought the beautiful Wildflower Garland from *PM* would work excellently…it’s currently available at The Seelie Court…the 1st of (hopefully) many Fae inspired events at The Isle of Myrth.  The sim itself is a wonder…perfect for wandering and taking pictures…and shopping of course 🙂

Voodoo close right

Freya is one of the 2 new hairs from Truth….a sweet, sexy back braid that looks perfect with anything.  Really…anything.  I was tempted to go pastel since I’m in the dolly (that sounds weird doesn’t it?) but I had it on my favorite blonde and dayam…..I love Truth’s blonde’s…I just couldn’t bear to change it ❤

Truth hair Freya NEW
*pm* Wildflower Garland: Orange Creme & Pale Pink @ The Seelie Court
PFC~Voodoo (LE) – Collar, hood, skirt, thigh and arm bands @ TFC
May’s Soul spellbook with snake @ TFC
*pm* Erzulie Freda Veve @ TFC
Roots of the Bayou – Staff  @ TFC
[Fetch] Mama’s Rocking Chair @ TFC
[Fetch] Mama’s Table w/ lemonade @ TFC
Frogstar – Swampland Shanty @ TFC
*pm* Obsession Love Altar
*COCO* doll, female

F*cking Ninjas Fantasy Place pose

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