How’s you’re “ewwwwie” factor?  Mine went through the roof when I looked in Zibska’s Greetje box and wondered what an “Overloard” was…so I popped it on….squinted…and went…..ewwwwwwwwwww.  Love at first sight…yessiree.  I didn’t want to wear clothing with the buggies (literally) and well…I had a fabulous reason to be nekid anyway (like I need a reason).  Belleza’s getting ready to roll out their much anticipated mesh body “Venus” and I got a preview of it….so I’ve been running around nekid since last night.  I’ve noticed other previews in the last 12 hours…bet none was in a coffin though 🙂  I promised to do 22769’s coffin and I can’t think of a better body to put in it….helps that I’ve had the Belleza Emily skin on from the Arcade for weeks too. My skin shades matched right up and I was good to go in minutes…hell, I played with the nipple controls longer than anything else.  I put on the version with the hands and feet…there are bunches of choices for the hands and 3 for feet….flat, medium and high.  I had shoes on made for slink medium feet and it took no more than 2 seconds to adjust the shoes to fit perfect on my feet.  Then I took the shoes off…cause I’m in a coffin…who needs shoes?   I did absolutely no editing on my body….none…zero…nada…swear.  It just looks that damn good.  Even as a not quite dead chick….being stared down by Satan’s crow and a familiar….although I kinda think the kitty is staring at the buggies….snack time.

Most of my goodies are from The Secret Affair, which opened this afternoon to a crazed crowd eager to get melancholied up (yeah, I made that word up).  Pop over and see what interests you…LM’s below ❤

Zibska – Ailbhe ~ Headpiece @ The Secret Affair
Zibska – Greetje ~ Overlords @ The Secret Affair
Azoury Bouquet of flowers @ The Secret Affair
Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Familiar RARE @ The Secret Affair
May’s Soul Satan crow @ The Secret Affair
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Madeline Ushers Coffin @ The Secret Affair
Kalopsia – Flying Crows
Belleza– Venus mesh body (preview…soon to come)
-Belleza- Emily skin @ The Arcade
Nantra Defying Gravity 5 pose

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