Terra d’OmbrA has come out with a fabulous new set of jewelry just in time for the spooky season.  The golden spiderweb pieces are classy, edgy and fun and should be in every girls wardrobe this Halloween season.

The tiara sits beautifully on CaTwA’a newest creation, Bianka, a long one sided loose pony with windblown escaped pieces. Bianka comes with flexi parts that can be attached for those who like movement.  I love the ombre fades that Catwa has with all her hair…and I know…I never wear dark hair…but the red and black fade was too pretty with the skin/makeup from Belleza.

The pale and sunkissed shades of Brooke are out at the Liaison Collaborative …I went with pale to fit the spooky mood ❤

The crystal ball is from 13 (I love irony) and is available at the Halloween Gacha Spooktacular right now…and event put on by the SLGBT Alliance to raise funds for Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project ❤

Another Boudoir teaser……the next to nothing there dress is the newest creation from Boudoir…stay tuned…..  🙂


The back of both Bianka and Carmilla are flawless…look how gorgeous the chain from the necklace is hanging down the back!

Carmilla back


TdO*CARMILLAblack tiara – all NEW!
TdO*CARMILLAblack earrings
TdO*CARMILLAblack bracelet
TdO*CARMILLAblack necklace
TdO*CARMILLAblack ring
TdO*CARMILLAblack hand-jewel

13 – Crystal Ball – White @ Halloween Gacha Spooktacular

-Belleza- Brooke Pale 2 R @ TLC
-Belleza- Brooke Pale 4 lip Matte @ TLC
Belleza– Venus mesh body

Del May D’accord deco Pose
Del May Self Assured Pose (bottom pic)

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