The Black Widow

The Black Widow

Okay…here is how much I love Precious Restless.  I hate spiders…really…really hate spiders.  I was hesitant when I saw the name of this outfit was Black Widow…but I’m thinking maybe a black dress with a red belly…nothing crazy.  I don’t know what I was thinking…cause if it’s from Boudoir…it’s going to be off the charts in terms of a spectacle.  Black Widow was no exception.  The spiderweb dress is next to nothing…but truly so gorgeous.  The spiders are separate and can be moved around….like perhaps under your shoe while you’re stomping them so hard into the floor that their momma’s wont be able recognize them at the spider morgue.  I sooo need to ask Del May if she has a spider squishing pose!  I actually asked a friend if he would log in as me and take the picture for me….I got the ewwies every time I tried to put the rose attachment on…that is one big ass freaking spider….on he’s on my chest….ewwwwww. Those of you in Australia with the huntsman spiders…..2 words…..fuck no!

The Black Widow closeup

I finally pulled my big girl panties on and did it myself…I just averted my eyes to my awesome new CaTwA hair and newest skin from Belleza.  Whoots!  The Grace skin debuted at Collabor88 a few months back in med and tan shades, but Shyla said so many people were asking for the other shades that she finally just did them.  They are now available in store!  I’m branching out with hair color and decided to go with red…ya know…the whole black widow thing and all…..ewwwwww.  It helps that CaTwA’s reds are sooo pretty ❤

The Witches cabin

The other newness from Boudoir is this Witch’s Cabin.  Rustic, quant, filled with all manner of mysterious and no doubt deadly (ask the skeleton inside) potions.  The tree right out front cracks me up…he is sooo awesome…look how pissed he looks!  Must have his roots in a bind.  Don’t you just wanna go stick your hand in his mouth!?

The Witches tree

The cabin comes with it’s own piece of ground, tree, log, stony grass and all.  It’s 107 prims total, not bad for all you get…check out the inside!  The books are flying around, spider webs, potions and ancient bottles everywhere.  Some poor guy in a cage. See the purple magic ball on the table?  Touch it and the entire house lights up purple!!

The witches living room

There are 5 sitting spots: in front of cabin on wood log bench(including basic sits and lay animations),inside of house you can sit on the red pillow in front of fireplace (including basic sits,”witchcraft” and “warming hands” animations, on the stool in front of witchcraft table (including basic sits and “witchcraft” animations, on the chair part of vanity set(including vanity animation like “brush hair” etc..) and on bed(including sleeping animations)  🙂

The Witches den

The stairs lead up to a bedroom in the turret…that’s what it’s called right…a turret.  The bed has sleeping animations (get your mind out of the gutter) and is as rustic as the rest of the house.

Witches window

The doorway has a sign outside that proclaims the cabin to be a brewery…..I don’t think I would drink any concoction from here though  🙂

The Witches sign

So anyway….stop by Boudoir and get your spooky on…stomp some spiders for me (we have lizards for goodness sake, why do we need spiders too?!).  Only for Precious would I don one (or 5) of the nasty creatures  ❤

Boudoir Black Roses Attachment (Black Widow) NEW!
Boudoir Mesh Spiderweb Dress (Black Widow) NEW!
Boudoir Thong (Black Widow) NEW!
Belleza– Grace Fair 5 makeup NEW!
Belleza– Venus mesh body
Boudoir Witch Cabin NEW!

Del May shy and unsure pose

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