Walking Fido

Walking Fido

So Halloween is almost upon us and the gruesome themes will be put away for a bit….not….Uber’s theme this month is Macabre…so stay tuned for more …well….macabre 🙂

Dia de los Meurtos – the Day of the Dead – is a Latin American holiday celebrated on November 1st …. rather like All Saints Day or All Hallows Day….but more festive and colorful.   Assured that the dead would be insulted by mourning or sadness, Dia de los Muertos celebrates the lives of the deceased with food, drink, parties, and activities the dead enjoyed in life.  Party with the dead…that’s the spirit!

Boudoir has released this amazing outfit, Los Muertos Burlesque, for the occasion….complete with hat and makeup.  I’m tempted to guess that Halloween is Precious Restless’ favorite time of the year, she outdoes herself making amazing and/or  gruesome outfits and accessories.  For example, if your looking for appropriate shoes to set the mood, Boudoir also has a Halloween gacha at the store with the fabulous skull heels and the zombie hands….you know you want to walk around with zombie hands on your ankles!

And the spider…uggg…why do designers seem fascinated with spiders??  The giant beast is from Sohma Dix of Paper Moon…she seems awfully nice for the most part…then she goes and makes giant spiders…ugggg.  I named him Fido, he seems nice, I hope he gets stomped on by a giant boot.  The 8 legged spooky’s are at The Seelie Court this month….perfect since the theme is the Unseelie.  The evil event is open until November 10 (2 days before my birthday, hint hint) so you have time to go collect a plethora (whoot, big word of the day!) of disgusting spiders…and other very cool things also :))

Los Muertos

Purple hair seemed to be the obvious answer to the constant dilemma of what color to wear and I had just gotten the new Pamela hair fro CaTwA.  Soft and sexy and still somehow rather wicked.  I love the new color packs that CaTwA has now…so simple and user friendly…I put a visual down at the bottom…I promise there isn’t a color not to love ❤

Lastly, but not leastly, the cool skull earrings from Tantalum are currently at the Unique Varied Event till the 12th of November (which happens to be my birthday…hint hint).  The theme is….wait for it…..Halloween…I know…crazy…and there is allll kinds of ghoulish going on!

Skull Shoes

*pm* Toxic Spiders – blue @ The Seelie Court
Boudoir Los Muertos Burlesque outfit, hat and makeup NEW!
Boudoir Fashion Skull Shoes NEW!
Boudoir Zombie hand (attached to ankle) NEW!
*~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears
~Tantalum~ Golden Shigeo Earrings @ the Unique Varied Event

Dyer Maker Against the wall pose

CATWA HAIR New Textures NEW Packs

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