More from the sooo very soon to open Conquest event.  I’d like to point out that I didn’t forget to list a pose for this shot…I actually didn’t use one.  The amazing dress by PEQE was most of the reason…you see the arms come like this…together…so you have to wear the dress with arm alphas on …or I guess you could go around looking like the 4 armed lady (why not, be a rebel).  I just happened to be standing there with just my ao, playing around with the zoom…and I saw this shot.  I can’t believe I hit that camera button quick enough to catch it, cause believe me, I probably would have never caught it again.   The gorgeous headpiece and jewelry are from Zibska and of course come with a hud to change the colors of the metals, roses and beads.  I’ll tell ya, I am always excited to see what Zib comes out with for an event, as it’s always a delightful adventurous piece of art (just add avatar).  The skin is Glam Affair and is in a gacha.  This is a common and is so delicate and pure…like me (cough cough) ❤

My non-Conquest item is the beautiful new hair style from Entwined.  Alessa is @ Shiny Shabby, which opens at noon tomorrow.  My favorite thing about this hair?  Other than the side swept style, I really, really love the grey scale hair colors that Entwined is embracing.  This is a pale grey and the textures are just stunning…totally worth a look see ❤


Okay, so both events are soon to open, but not quite yet.  I sooo am not going to pop those lm’s up till right before cause with my luck someone would try to break in early and blame me.  When I want to piss people off, I do just fine on my own thank you.  I promise I will be on tonight and tomorrow right before noon and I will come in and edit the post to add the lm’s.  Come back…I need the hits 🙂

The Conquest website and shopping guide

Zibska – Alerie ~ Headpiece @ The Conquest
Zibska –  Alerie ~ Necklace @ The Conquest
Zibska –  Alerie ~ Earrings @ The Conquest
PEQE – Arabello Dress (XS) @ The Conquest
Glam Affair – Eles asia 06 B skin @ The Conquest
[Entwined] Alessa @ Shiny Shabby (noon on the 20th)

Conquest event poster

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