War Strategy

Take a nap people…The Conquest opens at midnight and you want to be perky for it!

The Conquest webpage and shopping guide

War Strategy

The Conquest:

7m;R_uK War Strategy Table (7 mad Ravens)
7m;R_uK Draped King’s Chair
7m;R_uK Draped Advisor Chair
7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Falcon
7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_XCross
7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Stag
7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Rose
7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Dragon
7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Wolf
7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Sun
7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Lion
7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Fish
{RW} Stormborn Floor Torch (Roawenwood)
{RW} Stormborn Short Torch
{RW} Weirwood Sapling Cluster Dual Trunk
{RW} Weirwood Sapling Cluster Triple Trunk
Miamai_GoT_HouseEmblem_Baratheon RARE

Other stuffs:
[Manticore] Deer
HPMD* Colored Bush – green
HPMD* Sunlight(2014) – a
.a i s l i n g. Stone Floor

Conquest event poster

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