Dire protector

Dire Protector

What’s a girl without her protector, right?  ‘Specially when she runs around half nekid ❤

Both The Conquest and Shiny Shabby are open for business and busting at the seams.  Couple other events are Boys of Summer and Kreepy Kawaii…where you can pick up some gorgeous jewelry from Tantalum…there’s always room for jewelry ❤

/Wasabi Pills/ Keira 2 Mesh Hair – Iceberg @ The Conquest
.::DD::. Kyla Crown Ruby/Silver RARE @ The Conquest
Glam Affair – Eles – America 04 skin @ Shiny Shabby
[Azuchi] Skirt + belt -Portia- Red @ Shiny Shabby
~Tantalum~ Impetuous Celtic Necklace @ Boys of Summer
~Tantalum~ Nelly Bracelets @ Kreepy Kawaii
White Widow – Midnight in Paris tattoo
=Zenith=(Cherry)Leather Corset Nipple Patches
Alchemy – Dire Protector – Snow
Del May – mhmm pose

Conquest event poster

Shiny Shabby LOGO

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