The night is dark and full of terrors…but the fire burns them all away.―Melisandre


Yeah, that’s right…I’m finally putting the lm to The Conquest event.  It opens in 5 minutes and I feel comfortable in the assumption that scores of blog readers won’t descend upon the hallowed event early and disrupt the flow….and hey…I kinda wish I had scores of blog readers that would!  Also more goodies from Shiny Shabby, which opens at noon…so be good and don’t attempt to sneak in!

The Conquest

[Entwined] Olivia hair @ Shiny Shabby
*SL* Melisandre Collar – Sweet Lies Original 6 RARE@ The Conquest
*SL* Melisandre Dress Mesh  XS – Sweet Lies Original 4 COMMON@ The Conquest
*SL* Melisandre Belt Unrigged Mesh – Sweet Lies Original 7 RARE @ The Conquest
*SL* Melisandre Magic Flame – Sweet Lies Original 8 RARE @ The Conquest
Glam Affair – Eles America 04 b skin @ The Conquest
:CP: Direwolf Fan Metal Art @ The Conquest
an lar – The Maven Series #5 pose @ Shiny Shabby

Conquest event poster

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