Hi, my name is Roxi and I’m an 8f8 addict.  A self confessed addict.  A proud shout it from the mountain tops and (somewhat) crazed addict. I know I am not alone either…’re out there…you’re allll out there.  You know who you are.  The other night…the 7th to be exact…you were there…staring at the monitor…waiting….counting down the minutes till Collabor88 opened and you could be in the first 40 ish peeps to hit the tp button and get in.  To run over to the 8f8 display and buy the Blossom chair.  You were probably pissed that some insensitive avie mowed you down to get to it first (sorry bout that, I did say I was an addict).  That being said…I loooove my blossom chair……looooove it.  In a weird maybe unnatural way.

Immediately after opening my fabulous chair and plopping it down I knew what it needed.  My other obsession.  The other creator of my dreams (sorry ibi, you share the dream…) that causes my heart to speed up and my breath to catch. I am, of course, speaking of {anc}.  Who doesn’t love {anc}? I had been to WeLoveRP and snatched up the fat pack City set….sooo freaking cool…so I dragged my Blossom chair over to where I had my {anc} City stuff out and plopped it down on the white rug and surrounded myself with the light bulbs from the set.  And sat in the chair…on the princess sit animation of course…and sat…and sat…and was just so happy (doesn’t take much folks).  I started im’ing peeps to come see.  Lots of oooo’s and ahhhh’s ensued…nobody brought cake…what’s up with that!?

I decided to get in a pale mood to match the texture (air) I had chosen on the chair and the white and gold of the {anc} pieces.  Boudoir has just come out with the Wild Thing outfit…in white…..feathers everywhere…fishnet everywhere else…damned sexy.  It was perfect.  I already had the Little Bones Captain hair on from the FGC, I just changed the color and texture of the headband to match (that’s right peeps, I got the ultra rare….on 1 pull…I am one lucky bitch sometimes).  I also still had on the Folly Nouveau set (also from WeLoveRP) and liked the way it looked with the white Boudoir, so it stayed.  It actually has a color change hud and I could have made both pieces more white, but I really like the contrast.  Looks good against the pale almost porcelain looking skin from Birdy doesn’t it?

So now comes the part where you stand up and admit to also being an addict.  We’ll hug, we’ll cry…we’ll eat cake.  And it’s your turn to bring snacks….don’t be a slacker (I like anything chocolate).

Boudoir Wild Thing, white
Folly – Nouveau Collar (Texture Change) @ We<3RP
Folly – Nouveau Tika (Texture Change) @ We<3RP
Bliensen + MaiTai – Fenrir – Earring – Gold @ We<3RP
.Birdy. Dreamer skin, Pure 
Mad’– Flakes lips, gold
little bones. Captain @ the FGC

8f8 – Blossom Throne – 3 Gods (Resizer) @ Collabor88
{anc} city. rug / B&W @ We<3RP
{anc} city. timelamp /day @ We<3RP
{anc} city. timelamp /day [light bulb] @ We<3RP
{anc} canopy:lace:

Del May Improvisation (tilted to the side) Pose

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