Livin’ in the clouds

I know right!  Who wouldn’t want to live here??  From the imagination of 8f8 straight to your SL comes Cloudland, available at the newest event on the grid, The Dreamers Factory.  If you haven’t been, go, the design is incredible and half the fun. Closer look at ibi’s clouds….yeah…they’re amazing.  The design possibilities are endless…and I’ll… Read More Livin’ in the clouds


Who doesn’t think roses and metal make the perfect seductress?  My entire look, down to the incredibly fabulous skin, comes from The Secret Affair.  Design your seductress at The Secret Affair…open till the 29th. (Gonna need a handyman to get me out of this armor) DRD Brynhild ArmorPeqe – Rose skirtieQED RARERO – CogsWorth Horns (Steam)little… Read More Brynhild

The Voyeur

The Liason Collaborative opened this round to an enthusiastic audiance.  My favorite thing there?  The {anc} canopy…..romantic, sexy, perfect for anything you could think of.  Is there anything from {anc} that isn’t? The Secret Affair is still THE talked about event on the grid and probably will be till it ends on the 29th.  Some of… Read More The Voyeur

Let it Go

Soooo…who doesn’t get the Elsa reference?  If not, you’re the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen Frozen.  I’m a Disneyphile (that means I love Disney you perverted dirty minded peeps!) so any opportunity that I get to immerse myself in all thing Princess…I’m there.  Elsa may be one of my favorites now….and not just… Read More Let it Go

The art of being cerebral

More awesome Fantasy Gacha Carnival stuffs!!! Yayyyyy 🙂 {anc} tuner. hermaphroditism chair – ULTRA RARE!  Coming to a SL near you soon! (May 4th actually….get ready!) Black Tender outfit and wreath by Boudoir….man, do I wear a lot of Boudoir lately or what!? Natacha Pose by Bauhaus Movement (Pose Fair, closing soon….get there now!!)… Read More The art of being cerebral