Last Dance

I’m a Barbie girl…in this Barbie world       (you can thank me later for putting that song in your head)

And if Barbie (or Roxi) wants to waste away to a skeleton she damn well can….cause she still gets to wear stunning dresses and her hair always looks good (till your little sister discovers scissors).  Another upside?  Ken always wants you 🙂

One of my favorite things about Second Life is the vast diversity of personalities, locale and couture.  Your idiosyncrasies (whoot…big word of the day!) can run the gamut of you imagination…..or budget.  I love that I can be anything from one day to the next.  One of my favorite stores on the grid for years now has been Boudoir…the interesting diversity can’t be beat.  Cute, elegant, whimsical, gruesome…. Boudoir has it all and the newest addition doesn’t disappoint. “Ghost” is an all in one stop look….floral wreath,lace collar with flowers,puffy sleeves with transparent lace layer,beautiful crafted transparent lace skirt decorated with flowers(skirt is attached in two parts,upper and lower so you can wear it as short version as well),thorax and spine,legs and arms bones,pelvis and alpha layer.  Holy cow!  The headpiece is so spectacular that hair is truly an option.

I could have gone a lot of ways with this.  I sooo thought about a pose looking back over the shoulder and saying “Does this dress make my ass look fat?  Oh wait…I don’t have an ass!”  I went ethereal instead with {anc}, cause nobody does ethereal like aki does.  Wraith Darth was a bonus when he popped in and floated over….and like Ken, the wraith has no discernible bottom either 🙂


By the way, !bang is having a 50% off sale in store this week, extended actually….can’t beat that!

Boudoir – Ghost NEW
EMO-tions – Jamie hair NEW
Fallen Gods – TAO female skin (Yang) NEW (ish)

KoIbaskin – Bez_nog wraith

{anc} Auroraoperating light 
{anc} ephemera clear

!bang pose – carefree #3 (Roxi’s pose)

..::Vibe::.. – Free Spirit 06 (Darth’s pose)

Barbie Girl  by Aqua ….you know you want to!

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