It’s no secret that I like a contrast of soft and kick ass.  There’s just something so sexy about hard core femininity…..the mystery of never knowing which side is going to show itself.  Keeps men on edge…makes mundane women green with envy.  There are always those questions….why would she be wearing that beautiful scarf and skulls at the same time….well….why not?


The gorgeous scarf is from Paper Moon and is available at We Love Role-Play this month.  I can’t express how beautiful this head scarf is.  It frames the face perfectly and falls in soft luxurious drapes.  The colors and texture are exotic and sexy.  You can’t not look good in it.  We Love Role-Play just opened today and is standing room only…and a constant source of conversation for the fabulous finds there.  The new Ben hair from CaTwA fits perfect with the scarf….and don’t mind the name…it is sooo unisex!…The long braid down the back comes out under the scarf perfectly…like they were made for each other.  And the piercings from Axix….ohhhhh….how fabulous are they!?  I could have maneuvered them around, but I really like how the top brow rows sit.  Looks like it hurt too huh?!

Akhan ear

The piercings aren’t the only fabulous offering from Axix.  The skull shoulders and necklace give it the kick ass look it deserves, while the ear fan…well hell…how cool is that.  Put it all together….unstoppable.

Kei's Meditation mat

The seating?  Kei’s Meditation mat…the Ultra Rare of the set…comes with the mat, singing bowl, flute and Koto.  The mat has yoga animations and the instruments are all playable….and offer beautiful soothing music.  Both the meditation set and the Akhan set will be available Friday, Aug. 6th at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival 🙂

Kei Spot – Kei’s Meditation Mat set- Ultra Rare, includes mat, singing bowl, flute and Koto soon @ FGC

::Axix:: Akhan Amulet II @ FGC
::Axix::Ear, red soon @ FGC
::Axix::Piercings, gold soon @ FGC
::Axix::Shoulders I and II (Ultra Rare) soon @ FGC
*pm* Shayla: Naseem – M – Violet @ We Love Role-Play 

*Doll COCO*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Kyoko

Infiniti . – Lakshmi – 8 – Pose

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