Mystic Flow

Just a girl and her dire wolf.  And awesome hair.  And a no limit credit card.  These are a few of my favorite things…..

The largest ancestral canine that ever lived, the Dire Wolf terrorized the plains of North America up to the end of the last Ice Age.  They were hypercarniverous, gigantic by today’s standards, and competed with saber tooth tigers.  (Dogs and cats…can’t we all just get along?)   So don’t believe everything you see on HBO.  Or on a Grateful Dead song.

I’m strolling through the newly opened Mystic Realms Faire and I’m on a mission.  I hear rumors that Alchemy has dire wolves…and I have to have one…a white one.  I’m on a white binge..hence the gorgeous white Mystic Flow dress from Peqe, the white and gold … errr….awesome neck thingie (Alfihar…German boy’s name that means “elf army”….whaaaa?)  …from Zibska and the near white new amber hair from Analog Dog (which I looove …maybe as much as 42 from the Hair Fair).  I hope ya’ll are keeping up with all this educational chit…there will be a test at the end of this post.  The jewelry is from Tantalum and is currently available at the BOHO Culture Fair…which I kinda think is an oxymoron….boho and culture…..hmmmm…like Chinese cuisine or giant shrimp.  Be that as it may…there is much cool chit there and I recommend you pop by and peruse.

I’m heading back to Mystic Realms to see what I missed….it’s hard to window shop when on a mission 🙂

Mystic Flow

AD – amber – light blondes  NEW!
Peqe – Mystic Flow @ The Mystic Realms Faire
Zibska – Alfihar (no collar) @ The Mystic Realms Faire
~Tantalum~ Angeni Necklace @ the BOHO Culture Fair 2014
~Tantalum~ Elyseum Ring in Silver @ the BOHO Culture Fair 2014
Mad’ – gold flakes lips
#adored – sleepy shadow – rusty needle
Belleza– Yasmin med skin # 4

Alchemy – Dire Protector – Snow @ The Mystic Realms Faire

Del May whim pose


1. Do you get the HBO reference?

2. Did you like the song?

3. What the hell is hypercarniverous?! Carnivores on crack??

4. Gimme another oxymoron.

5. When are we going shopping?

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