“Love is a gust of wind … which blows away everything”

Sridevi, from the movie Chandni

I could sound all professional and say I do my homework on items I blog (and I do).  I could have googled the name Chandni  and found out it was a blockbuster movie in India in the 80’s and the actress that played the lead role, Sridevi, is possibly the most well known and well loved actresses in her country.  As it happens, I had Indian neighbors for years and heard the soundtrack for the movie coming out of the open windows and doors for ages.  I did always wonder why Shivani wore so much white after that….who knew it was the color to wear after the movie 🙂  (I did google that :))


Soooo…when I’m wandering through the Mystic Realms Faire and see this Chandni costume by Zaara…it just brought me back.  It comes in other colors….but I had to wear the white…it’s absolutely gorgeous.  I know the blonde hair is a stretch….but I just love this shade.  Qake is one of the newest from Analog Dog and I adore her blondes…especially the light blondes.  The curl in the side swept bangs did it for me though…too romantic for words.

The cascading leaf necklace is by Tantalum and is available in gold or silver…perfect for anything…dressed up or down ❤


AD – qake (FITTED) – light blondes  NEW!
Zaara : Chandni blouse (S) *ivory gold* @ Mystic Realms Faire
Zaara : Chandni dupatta (S) *ivory gold* @ Mystic Realms Faire
Zaara : Chandni lehenga (S) *ivory gold* @ Mystic Realms Faire
Zaara : Chandni hip jewel (S) *ivory-opal* @ Mystic Realms Faire
~Tantalum~Golden Shelby Necklace @ the Dark Twisted Fantasy Gacha Fair
[Tia] Gypsy Moon – Upper Arm @ The Gathering
[Tia] Gypsy Moon – Braclets @ The Gathering
[Tia] Gypsy Moon – Bracer @ The Gathering
[Tia] Gypsy Moon – Nose Chain @ The Gathering
[Tia] Gypsy Moon – Ring 1 @ The Gathering
[Tia] Gypsy Moon – Ring 2 @ The Gathering
! !SSD ~ Devi Jewels ~ Parvati (Pale Pearls) ~ Bindi
! !SSD ~ Devi Jewels ~ Parvati (Pale Pearls) ~ Left Brow
Belleza– Yasmin med skin # 4

::Axix:: modette 1 pose

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