Autumn Harvest

Seems like everybody’s having a birthday lately (mine’s in November…heads up).  The Season’s Story is 1 year old…seems longer doesn’t it?  If you haven’t made it in yet, keep trying…there are all kinds of free birthday goodies from the designers to scoop up.  Kustom9 is also the big 1 this month and also has some… Read More Autumn Harvest


The SLGBT Alliance is proud to present The Halloween Gacha Spooktacular, October 7th – 21st! Supporting designers unite with *New* and *Exclusive* Items for this two week long gacha event in efforts to raise money for Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project 🙂 The SLGBTA is a Second Life network of creators and community members. Their… Read More Meow

Staying dry

As we speak it’s storming outside and we’re under a tornado watch for the next 10 minutes.  I can see the tall cumulonimbus clouds out the window (which I am now staying away from) and lightning brightens up the room sporadically.  This is pretty common weather around here and everyone carries an umbrella.  One or… Read More Staying dry


Pink it’s my new obsession Pink it’s not even a question Pink on the lips of your lover, ’cause Pink is the love you discover Pink – Aerosmith Fabulousness from the Mystic Realms Faire, The Gathering, the Vintage and Cool Fair and the Candy Fair 2014….whew! I spotted the Queens mask at the Faire…not to… Read More Olinda


Beauty abounds everywhere in SL and you don’t have to look far and wide for it.  I’ve been making the rounds of fairs (and faires) and I never know which way to look first…but I am always astounded by the beautiful things…this is good and bad…good for my inventory…bad for my linden balance 🙂 Belleza… Read More Thalia


Kick ass never really goes out of style…thank goodness…especially when it’s drop dead sexy kick ass.  EMO-tions, long known for fabulousness, has several creations out at the Mystic Realms Faire right now to delight even the most jaded.  I’ve been a fan of Mirja Mills’ hair for years…and I do mean years.  I’m thinking Carine was… Read More Xana

Mystic Flow

Just a girl and her dire wolf.  And awesome hair.  And a no limit credit card.  These are a few of my favorite things….. The largest ancestral canine that ever lived, the Dire Wolf terrorized the plains of North America up to the end of the last Ice Age.  They were hypercarniverous, gigantic by today’s standards,… Read More Mystic Flow