Pink it’s my new obsession
Pink it’s not even a question
Pink on the lips of your lover, ’cause
Pink is the love you discover
Pink – Aerosmith

Fabulousness from the Mystic Realms Faire, The Gathering, the Vintage and Cool Fair and the Candy Fair 2014….whew!

I spotted the Queens mask at the Faire…not to be confused with the fairs…and saw instantly that they were a match with set that MeshedUp has at The Gathering (which is closing sooon).  I fell in lust instantly…even more so when I put on the gold Marimba collar from Axix and it all looked so good together ❤

The Olinda hair may have been an odd choice to wear with the mask and headpiece…but I had the hair on and I loved that I couldn’t decide if I was going for innocent or sexy…so I went with both 🙂  Olinda ..in pink…makes me so happy I can’t stand myself…..I love it as much as cotton candy (which it kinda reminds me of)  ❤

I’m in lust with the skin tooo.  New from Belleza, Mae is available at the Vintage and Cool Fair right now in pale and medium….and I can’t decide which I like better.  This is the pale and it just looks so good with the pink hair!

Another find at The Mystic Realms is the forest canopy bed from Allouette.  It’s so sweet with the pale pink roses on the sheets and looks perfect with 8f8’s pink cupcake light from the Candy Fair  ❤


TRUTH HAIR Olinda @ the Mystic Realms Faire
::Axix:: Marimba Collar : Gazelle [Old Gold]  @ the Mystic Realms Faire
Alouette – Forest Canopy Bed  @ the Mystic Realms Faire
*[MeshedUp]*_Queens Mask Gold @ the Mystic Realms Faire
*[MeshedUp]*_HeadBand_Gold @ The Gathering
*[MeshedUp]*_Bracelets_Gold @ The Gathering
*[MeshedUp]*_Anklets_Gold @ The Gathering
8f8 – Cupcake Light – *Pink* – Hanging @ The Candy Fair 2014
-Belleza- Mae pale 3 @ Vintage and Cool Fair
Belleza– Venus mesh body

Del May Stuck with me pose

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