Staying dry

As we speak it’s storming outside and we’re under a tornado watch for the next 10 minutes.  I can see the tall cumulonimbus clouds out the window (which I am now staying away from) and lightning brightens up the room sporadically.  This is pretty common weather around here and everyone carries an umbrella.  One or two in the house, one in the car, a little one in the purse….you just never know.  A neon umbrella is a cute idea…not so much practical…but cute.  Free Bird made a set of rainy day neon signs that are so cute they warranted pulling Annabelle and Cait into a picture.  The storm cloud is animated..the rain flows and the lightening bolds are sporadic….how adorable is that!

Speaking of adorable…MOoH! has this cute denim dress out at the BOHO Culture Fair till the 25th.  It comes in light, dark and mixed shades of blue and hangs slightly off the shoulder.  The necklace is from Frogstar. a queens crown with a jewel inside, and is available currently at the Body Mod Expo. I put a close up pic at the bottom so you could see it up close 🙂

The Mystic Realms Fair is still crazy popular….not surprising..but still. Go naked in a full body alpha…not only is that fun, but it cuts back on the overall lag.  My hair and horns from Truth are from the faire.  I love the windblown look of the hair…and I really, really love the horns.  The horns come with the hair, but you can wear them separate…mix and match!  ❤

Keeping dry

TRUTH HAIR Neria @ the Mystic Realms Faire
TRUTH HAIR Neria Horns @ the Mystic Realms Faire
MOoH! Off Shoulder Dress @ the BOHO Couture Fair
Frogstar – Queen Bling Necklace (Gold) @ the Body Mod Expo
[free bird] Storm Cloud neon sign RARE
[free bird] Umbrella neon sign
[Manticore] Annabelle the mousie
[Manticore] Cait the kittie

Frogstar - Queen Bling Necklace Poster (Gold)

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