The mother lode

Candy…who doesn’t love it?  I dream of being surround by my favorites and making myself sick.  Every Halloween I would come home with all my loot (and if it was a lot of good stuff…we called it the mother lode) and have grand plans to stay up half the night eating all the good stuff…I knew I would get sick…I didn’t care…it was worth it.  Besides, back then we didn’t have school the next day, so I knew I could hang in bed till noon anyway.

8f8’s other offering to the Candy Fair is this fabulous suitcase filled with yummy concoctions from cotton candy (yayyy) to buttercups.  The jars are beyond precious, with labels and cloth tops on some.  The suitcase looks beat up and well used and is a perfect place to store the jars of yummies ❤

Still wearing the new Olinda hair from Truth…I’ve seen bunches of other chicks with it, so the traffic at the Mystic Realms Faire is still kickin’.  Almost over is The Gathering…a wonderful event that just made me so happy…one reason is this dress from Pixicat…I wound up with 3 of them…yellow, blue and brown…and looove tham all ❤

the mutha lode

TRUTH HAIR Olinda  @ the Mystic Realms Faire
-Pixicat- Maiden.Dress – Yellow @ The Gathering
8f8 – Mange Destin 13 – Suitcase RARE @ The Candy Fair 2014
8f8 – Mange Destin 01 – Candy canes
8f8 – Mange Destin 03 – Lolly swirl candies
8f8 – Mange Destin 08 – Wild cherry hard candies
8f8 – Mange Destin 07 – Soft citrus jelly candies
8f8 – Mange Destin 11 – Raspberries & Blackberries
8f8 – Mange Destin 06 – Rich chocolate truffles
8f8 – Mange Destin 04 – Pink cotton candy
8f8 – Mange Destin 10 – Vanilla crescent cookies
8f8 – Mange Destin 12 – Buttercups with nougat
[Manticore] Annabelle B
[Manticore] White Cait v2

Del May eating cross legged pose

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