Shakespeare in the Park

Ever go to a park to watch a play…or a concert…or a movie (that’s getting really popular now a days) or fireworks?  You find a good spot, hopefully free of ants, plop down and just relax…hopefully with a cool breeze and somebody you love.  We have that a lot around these parts during Autumn…the air is crisp….but not cold and it just feels good to be outside.

Ravenna Rossina of Frogstar made this adorable starry night stage for the Theme Park and it instantly made me think of the Shakespeare in the Park plays.  There’s just something magical about watching Shakespeare in the open air on a cool late afternoon.

Shakespeare in the Park

Since we’re being all magical, the fairy ring and mushrooms are from Dyer Maker and are currently available at this months round of The Fantasy Room.  The rare fairy ring and all the mushrooms have cute built in poses ❤

The Halloween Gacha Spooktacular is still going on and to celebrate it’s success…I wore DE’s wings, arm and leg warmers….there’s a cute outfit that goes with this also, but it’s system…dollies can’t wear system.  The colorful macaroons (at least I assume they’re macaroons) with the don’t eat me (nice try) tag is from Deadly Mouse, as is the adorable ghostie floating around me and the hanging rainbows are from BananaN 🙂

Shakespeare in the Park 2

I was going to recruit some friends to hop up on the stage and pose as actors…then I remembered Darth using TDE’s wooden mannequin avies for a pic a while back.  Couple of clicks later and a plea to Darth and I had my actors.  I used a couples pose from Infiniti that Brandi had out for ROMP a week or so ago.  I don’t do mushy couples pics much, but I figured this would be perfect!

Lastly….another teaser.  The hats are from 8f8 and are so fabulous I can’t stand myself.  They are fancy top hats….till you touch them…then they open and there’s a scene inside…it’s amazing!!  Darth was wearing the thinker hat…when opened it has a mouse wheel and a little mouse sitting there eating a piece of cheese!  I had on the secret rare,,,,and I’m not gonna tell you yet, but what’s inside is so amazing I couldn’t stop looking!  The hats are in that TAG thingie…go check it out  ❤

the actors

TRUTH HAIR Olinda @ The Mystic Realms Faire
[QE] Chibi Pegacorn Wings @ the Halloween Spooktacular
[QE] Cozy Armwarmers /Dark Pink Unico @ the Halloween Spooktacular
[QE] Cozy Legwarmers /Dark Pink @ the Halloween Spooktacular
*Deadly Mouse* Yummy Cage White set 1 RARE @ the Halloween Spooktacular
*Deadly Mouse* Friendly Ghost (Wear) RARE @ the Halloween Spooktacular
BananaN Rainbow 2 RARE @ the Halloween Spooktacular
BananaN Rainbow 1 RARE @ the Halloween Spooktacular
Dyer Maker Mushroom Set Lile common @ The Fantasy Room
Dyer Maker Mushroom Set Red common @ The Fantasy Room
Dyer Maker Mushroom Set Grey common @ The Fantasy Room
Dyer Maker Mushroom Set Pink common @ The Fantasy Room
Dyer Maker Mushroom Set Brown common @ The Fantasy Room
Dyer Maker Faery Ring RARE @ The Fantasy Room
Frogstar – Starry Night Stage @ The Theme Park
8f8 – Mystery Hat – Macabre- Secret Rare! (Roxi’s hat)
8f8 – Mystery Hat – Thinker (Darth’s hat) (the actor)
*Milk* Hair! Daisy Dukes pastel pink on the actress
TDE Mannequins (the actors)

Manticore – Annabelle the mousie and Cait the kittie
Infiniti Couples pose “Belong” used by the actors
Dyer Maker built in elf 03 pose used by Roxi

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