The after party

The After Party 2

Some of the things designers think of!  ibi of 8f8 is a freaking creative genius.  No kidding.  His creations for the popular TAG Gacha are the Mystery Hats.  What’s the mystery you say?  Click on the hat and find out!  Each fancy shmancy top hat opens on a click and reveals a wondrous surprise inside.  They are so amazingly detailed and imaginative…take a peek below for the 7 hats I featured in this shot.  By the way….yes…those 2 skeletons are fornicating…so much for a classy scene right?!

The Planner




Trigger & Announcer


I know right!!  Did I say ibi was a creative freaking genius??!  Stay tuned for more hats…I can’t get enough of them ❤

8f8 at Black Kite

8f8 – Mystery Hats – 12 – REFINED *** RARE
8f8 – Mystery Hats – 09 – CLUELESS
8f8 – Mystery Hats – 03 – SERENE
8f8 – Mystery Hats – 11 – ANNOUNCER
8f8 – Mystery Hats – 01 – TRIGGER HAPPY
8f8 – Mystery Hats – 06 – FREE
8f8 – Mystery Hats – 05 – PLANNER
Boudoir – Naughty Skeletons
[MF] Skeleton corpse (the 2 laying down)
Mesh – full perm – Skeleton (the 3 dancing)
Arcadia Asylum – GraveStones Collection (headstones and coffin)(so old I can’t believe it was still in my inventory!)
RE Sculpted Skulls w/Candle
The Jazzy Skeleton Band – MP

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