The Dreaming Tree

The Dreaming Tree

Tales of Fantasy’s theme this round is Woodland Creatures…so Ravenghost made this absolutely awesome “dreaming tree”…perfect for any magical wood or fairy land.  The trees are animated and the leaves and butterflies change color on their own.  You can set it to have the leaves fall or not…you so want them too though…they just float around till they make it to the ground.  The butterflies are adorable fluttering around in a fun, lazy pattern as they morph from one color to the next.  The tree is mod…so stretch it up or leave it small…there’s actually an accent table that comes with it in case you want to sit it on top 🙂

The Mystery hat

Still rockin’ the 8f8 hats….this one is the Thinker….I fell in love with it when I saw the little mousie with a piece of cheese…I instantly thought of Annabelle and knew I would do a picture with her.  The hat sits nicely on top of Truth’s newest hair, Demelza, a fun, flirty shoulder length cut with side swept bangs that you can wear with or without the headband. ❤


Also, The Seelie Court will be open till Nov. 10th.  There’s some spectacular finds this round….maybe because they’re showcasing the Unseelie…and you can’t not love that!  This adorable dress and wings are from Gauze (I loooove the colors!) and the amulet is from Kitty Moon.  Pop over and get your evil on ❤

Dead Woods Fae

Ravenghost Dreaming Tree Luminary @ Tales of Fantasy
[Gauze] Dead Woods Fae – Dress and wings @ the Seelie Court
8f8 – Mystery Hats – 02 – THINKER
Kitty Moon -Unseelie Court Caithian Cats  Gold Amulet @ the Seelie Court
*COCO*_Doll, female
Manticore – Annabelle the mousie

Del May Different pose (crouched down)
Del May Glance pose (standing)

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