The Unseelie

Sister Nightfall

What is it about evil that just brings out the “game on” attitude?  This months round of the Seelie Court is dedicated to the Unseelie, the most malicious, malevolent and evil of the faeries. Some Scottish legends claim that the Unseelie were fallen Seelie, those who couldn’t live up to the strict standards of chivalry of the shining court. They have no method of reproduction, so they enslave mortals whom they think would never be missed and carry them along to become one of them.  Charming.

Some of the evil awesomeness from the event include the fabulous dress and headpiece from Poet’s Heart, the ridiculously interesting hair and eyes (that means I love it, I swear) from The Stringer Mausoleum and the appropriately sinister looking chair and candles set from Roawenwood. Not to be passed over, the Caithian Cats amulet from Kitty moon is just stunning and can be worn with everything.

Death of a Goddess

Riding along on the evil train is the Halloween edition of the Cosmetics Fair.  There are some truly gruesome chit there, some fun chit, and some really cool chit….and sometimes all that is wrapped up in one!  I kinda steered clear of gruesome and went for interesting…like the ridiculously cool swirly hairbase from Paperbag….it’s tintable, so it can be worn with any number of hairstyles and colors….and it’s just so freaking cool ❤

@ The Seelie Court
*TSM* Death of a Goddess Hair- Snow
*TSM* “OctopEYE” Eye Decor – Uncommon 2 – Earthday
*TSM* Cave Syr eyes – Tidal
PH – Sister Nightfall – Full
PH – Sister Nightfall Collar M
PH – Sister Nightfall Gown S
Kitty Moon – Unseelie Court Caithian Cats  Gold
{RW} Staggered Candles Decor
{RW} Perfidious Perch Chair (comes with candles)

{anc} lacecurtain .black:setugetuka:yuki
TdO*CARMILLAblack earrings

@ The Cosmetic Fair
#adored haunt shadows – golden
{Wicked} Pleasure Lip Stain #2
DeeTaleZ Teeth – small
Paperbag.  Twigs hairbase – white (tintable)

Belleza Grace med. #5
Belleza– Venus mesh body

Del May – Melancholic flower pose

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