The Chase

Totally Top Shelf opened yesterday to much fanfare and excitement.  The theme is Greek Mythology and the designers have outdone themselves.  My favorite is a build from Frogstar, the Isidoros Crepidoma…stunningly detailed and elegant in its simplicity.  It looks good on the water or in the woods…and is totally resizable….just beautiful.  I paired it with the… Read More The Chase

Last Dance

I’m a Barbie girl…in this Barbie world       (you can thank me later for putting that song in your head) And if Barbie (or Roxi) wants to waste away to a skeleton she damn well can….cause she still gets to wear stunning dresses and her hair always looks good (till your little sister discovers scissors).  Another upside?  Ken… Read More Last Dance

Pure Poison

Being kick ass has it’s challenges.  What to wear…what to wear.  Sometimes nothin’ but skin works…specially if it’s skin that brings the holy shit factor up a notch or 20.  Hair’s important too….along with the proper kick ass head gear.  When they all go together, you can’t lose.  I was wandering (my euphemism for spending…and whoot,… Read More Pure Poison