Cat Walk

Or….why not to drink unfamiliar bubbling potions….. So you know the cats are thinking “WTF….stupid elf!!??” Boudoir Witch Cabin house (comes with all the furniture, accessories and cats!) *LODE* Hat – Albus [black] (looooove <3) [[ Masoom ]] Maiden Top – Loose – fitted mesh @ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair (check out the add… Read More Cat Walk

A redhead, a brunette and a blonde walk into a cupcake…

Sorry….that’s not really a joke…made it up cause it sounded funny…but ohhhh…wait!  Here’s my favorite blonde joke!  (I’m blonde…I can do this)  Who’s that dead blonde in the closet?  (answer’s at the bottom of the post, but try to guess!) So what do chicks do after a long day of shopping?  Rewards themselves for shopping…duhhh…with cupcakes!!  Everybody… Read More A redhead, a brunette and a blonde walk into a cupcake…


I’ve been meaning to get over to H220 for some time.  By now, everyone’s seen pictures of the flooded, rainy sim.  With the right windlight…its dark and ominous and waiting for a mystery to unfurl.  The House of Usher could easily fit in behind the ancient, broken gates (google it!). I’ve also been waiting for… Read More Satine


One of my favorite things to do mid morning is nothing.  At all.  Really.  When I get the opportunity that is.  Laying around like the Queen of Sheba…my mom used to say that’s what I was doing.  I had no idea who that was, but dayam, I soooo wanted to grow up and be her. … Read More Tia


The magic happens today….just hours away….when The Secret Affair opens its gates to an enchanted forest setting right out of “A Midsummers Night Dream”.  Top designers have outdone themselves for this event, creating spectacular pieces that are sure to make your heart beat faster.  Take a glance at the offerings on Flick’r and the website to whet… Read More Enchantment