Let’s play the “how old are you in SL” game.  I’ll be 6 next month…a long time by many standards…I’m in awe of 10 yr. olds.  Wayyy back in the day when there was no way I was spending much money in a game, I bought one hair.  One.  And if you can go that far back, you… Read More Freedom

Fly with me

There’s a new event in town folks…one near and dear to my heart.  I’m Irish and Scottish and grew up on tales of the Sidhe and the drama of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.  My mom blamed every misplaced item in the house on Brownies (not the kind you eat, google em) … my dad… Read More Fly with me

The Gypsy

  More goodies from Totally Top Shelf and We ❤ Role Play.  Still lovin the Hall of Water and Air from Frogstar…the textures are amazing and the uses are endless.  Kei’s Tarot Stand and Fortune Teller Machine look perfect here!  Remember the Fortune Teller Machine from the movie Big?  Zoltar….how freaking awesome was he?!  I… Read More The Gypsy

Just us chicks

Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away! Sooo many things to do and see around the grid right now…there’s absolutely no excuse for being bored.  Shopping is my amusement of choice usually…right up there with exploring and people watching…errr…avie watching.  Me and my mermaid gf are currently cooling… Read More Just us chicks


  Hi, my name is Roxi and I’m an 8f8 addict.  A self confessed addict.  A proud shout it from the mountain tops and (somewhat) crazed addict. I know I am not alone either…’re out there…you’re allll out there.  You know who you are.  The other night…the 7th to be exact…you were there…staring at the… Read More Blossom

Devious Mind

I’m never disappointed when I see a creation by Chandra Meehan of !Devious Mind.  Her creativity only seems to be limited by her imagination….which honestly…. seems unlimited.  Her newest collection currently at the FGC is no exception….gorgeous…sexy…daring.  The Shibari dress is a barely there beautifully textured wisp of silk held together by rope.  The details are amazing…golden… Read More Devious Mind


As we get closer to the opening of the FGC  (5 hours away) more and more designers are revealing their creative collections that will be offered in the now famous gacha machines.  Empress is the creation of Tia Biscuit…the owner/designer of [Tia].  Well know in the fantasy/gor/role-play community for her amazing furniture and accessories, Tia… Read More Empress